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About My Spiritual Readings and Spiritual Advice.


Have you lost your mate? Are you in anguish or pain? I have a love lost, return ritual, that is helping many of my clients. The strongest energies are from feelings of love. I am ready to help you using different techniques.Come and retrieve or find new love.  I am well versed, and I specialise in relationships. I am a gifted, ancient Egyptian Tarot card reader, clairvoyant and more. High finance predictions, character analysis in potential mates, love rituals, and any other questions or need you may have, I will do my best in all areas. I am great at navigating difficult situations, and orienting and clarifying the path for others. I have been trained in the ancient rituals of magic and remote viewing and spiritual healing, and can contact the dearly departed. If you have questions on your future or need my advice, you just have to request a private reading. Please feel free to do this anytime, Let’s solve your problems immediately. You deserve to have a clear view about your destiny. Ask me now!



pay for readings through cashapp me… £ericarain1


30 mins reading £45

1 hour reading £80


30 mins consultation £45

1 hour consultation is £80