Spiritual baths



Cleansing spiritual baths.



Cleansing your aura is very essential, from day to day we come into contact with negative energies that can attach itself unto our auric field.

Without being aware of it, and sometimes these energies does more harm than good because not all energies are of a positive nature. 
When a spiritual bath is performed it feels so amazing after you’ve cleansed your aura some has reported a feeling of lightness around their auric field.

The purpose of this bath is to remove negativity and to bring harmony and clarity.


• Goats milk.

• Coconut milk.

• White carnations flower

• Cascarilla/ egg shell powder.

• Sea salt.


• Add the ingredients into a bowl or bucket, prayer over it with your intention to remove negativity when finished pour into the bath water.

• Before taking this bath have a shower and also shampoo your hair.

• Cleanse your space prior to the bath tub, cleanse your bath tub with sea salt/table salt.

• Fill the bath tub up halfway, or for those who do not have a bathtub a bucket will do.

• Enter into the bathtub, as you sit you can say a prayer or in your own words for cleansing and and to bring clarity to the mind. But the 23rd pslms will great for this bath, repeated 3 times.

• Get up and do not towel dry it is best to air dry the body, when the body is all dry wear all white clothing, after the next day you can continue to wear your regular clothing.

Reasons for the wearing of the white? You’ve done this bath to remove negativity and bring clarity to the mind, it wouldn’t be wise to attract back the negativity that you took time remove it would all come back.
The white acts as a reflector and a great colour for clarity.





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