Q: How long will my spell take to manifest?

A: That depends on the type of spell and your situation,And the emotional state of the client (for example, really panicky people tend to make the manifestation take longer as their own anxiety often creates obstacles of its own due to acting out of fear or other unhelpful behaviors such as fighting with a recon target.) all of this i will be discussed further with you during your consultation,since it is different for each individual situation, during the consultation please ask me, and I will try and make and estimate dependent on your situation of how long your spell will take to manifest. I guess on average a recomend it takes 1-5 months, money spells often take about 2-4 weeks,its easier for me to tell you when I have an idea of the situation though, so please ask. Please be aware that,the time frame I may give you it’s just an estimate.
Q: What kind of spells do you NOT do?

A: I will not do lottery spells, I will not kill anyone or harm I won’t cause a divorce, I do not do beauty spells or break up marriages, I will not use spell work to harm kids so don’t ask, I will not cast a spell for you to force someone into sexual situations they are not comfortable performing and simply just not their thing so please don’t ask.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Once I have casted your spell and use supplies to and the services of the spirits have been called upon to cast your spell a refund cannot be given spell supplies cost money,and supplies used in spell work cannot be returned to the ritual shop. I do my best to cast successful spells for you, but success cannot be guaranteed.
Q: When will you start my spell?
A: spells are casted within 48hours of payment, as this depends on the type of spell ordered as preparations needs to
made ie supplies etc…but most spells are casted within 24 hours of payment.
Q: What types of payment do you accept?


A: For payment options please contact me.

Q: How often can I contact you when i’ve purchased a spell from you?

A: I will reply to emails and booked phone communication on the phone due to a great influx of calls I get from.

I work several hours a day, often long into the night, it is sometimes very difficult for me to answer to calls, as I’m very busy, and my free moments are few and far between.I know a lot of people prefer calls than emailing but, this is very demanding on me at times, and more often than not the client wants to spend a free half hour with me, chatting. Frankly, I’ve been at this job for a long time now!,though when i first started i did but now the influx of clients i get on a daily basis its hard to be on the phone all the time so my rule is that you book a phone session with me or email me which i answer emails within 24 hours,I Also have a support service for clients who need ongoing advise and need to speak to me concerning your spell, but email is the primary method of communication for ALL clients to  contact me by, If your one of those people that mostly like talking than typing then as i said you can book a session or book an on going care package.
So if you desire to call me,please send me a brief email regarding the reason you need to speak to me.
Q: would you cast a free spell for me i cant afford to pay you/can i pay you half the money and pay the rest later?
A: the answer to this would you go into a reputable store and ask them this?
If the answer to that is NO then you’ve answered your own question, NO I DO NOT CAST FREE SPELLS when it comes to spell work there’s an exchange in energy and I’m exchanging mines as i cast a spell of any kind,also you need to take into account the cost of the supplies that are needed to cast any spells in fact i think its a disrespectful question that people ask because they do not take into consideration of the cost that goes into spell casting.
Q: What is  30 day spell casting and why you charge so much for that service?
A: I get this question all the time from new clients but when they purchase it they don’t regret it! the 30 days spell casting is for really hard cases and also it may include other spells that is needed to be casted to bring about quicker and a more successful outcome with the spell casted for your current situation, but this differs for different situations,for example you may come to me and as a must you will he have booked a consultation with me,most off the times lovers who have left starts dating new people and other spells will have to be casted alongside a spell to bring them back,and whatever spells i see that is needed, but when you have booked a consultation with me feel free to ask questions and i will go more in depth.

Do your spells always work? Do you guarantee your work?

My spiritual services are part of my life and belief system,The forces of the universe that guides my daily life, what you call spells is my daily life, I am always in communication with the spirits in the regular basis, I make offerings every day, it is my lifestyle and the spirits guide my life. I have seen spells work and I believe in the powers of the spirits.

But I cannot guarantee you will get what you want or ask, I guarantee I do my work, I am ethical and authentic, but I do not have control of the universe and everything that happens in your own realm.