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June 30,2013


I just want to say thank you! to all my lovely clients who have taken the time to make testimonial videos for me I’m really touched that the fact that you have put yourself out there like you have so that others can see the success of your work šŸ™‚ and not to mention the clients who has had great success with my work thank you!



July 6,2013

To all my clients that booked spells for yesterday,castings went well though I’m poorly I managed to cast a few spells will be sending out reports at the end of the week those who booked the 30 day spell you will receive your reports at the end of the month,enjoy your weekend šŸ™‚

July 8,2013

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,I’ve got spaces for readings this week readings are now done on Monday-friday
and castings are performed on,Sundays,Mondays,Wednesday and Fridays, For love spell casting but mostly castings are performed on a Fridays for most love spell work, but because I get an influx of work during the week most spells are casted as soon as possible as an when help is needed.

Don’t forget to take up the %15 off of all spells when ordering please quote MOONBLU

If you allĀ  have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to send me an email


july 19,2013

This is gonna be a brilliant night for spells the full moon is upon us soon,I’m super excited for tonight.

though I must address this, PLEASE READ ALL THE INFO ON MY SITE!

If you are new to this site and are working with me,I would appreciate it if you can read all the pages on my site before contacting me and this goes out to existing clients I see some of you are not following my instructions constantly thinking about the spell is called obsession I speak about all of this during the consultation which in fact I’m very clear on the rules of working with me when your booking a spell with please me ask questions but most of it is covered on this site,questions I get after we covered this in the consultation, Erica how long does it take for the spell to manifest again this is covered on so many pages on this site so I don’t need to repeat this as I make it very clear it depends on your situationĀ  on the time frame, Erica I watched your testimonies and I want the same results and the women in the videos their exs came back so quickly again I need to make this clear yes though this is indeed the case but you must bare in mind some of my clients buy different spells for their situation some will use a 30 day spell casting which has all different types of spells casted for more effectiveness some may order a custom spell and some have different situation so it really differs, so please read all the information on this site.



july 20,2013

It has become very apparent that some people do not read the policies of this site before contacting me for my help,I must stress this it is now mandatory that new clients book a consultation with me before we proceed with any type of work. And you must read every information that is written on this site.




August 2,2013

Now offering payment plans if you see a spell and is in desperate need of help to get your ex back please contact me and we can further discuss about the spells that your interested in bare in mind payment plans are only for spells that cost from Ā£460 and up. Your spells are casted the same day as soon as payment is received.


September 17,2013

Friday is going to be a day for me and casting the moon is about to be full very soon I love casting spells at this time I’ve still got three places left for love spells,thanks to the lovely new clients that has took up my offer on my 30 day spells šŸ™‚

I will be posting out kits and charms on friday.

For readings I’d like clients to be informed that the latest appointments for readings are……7:30 pm as I’m aware that most people has busy schedules.

I’d like to also remind people that this service that IĀ  offer its of a paying one and its called a business,I don’t offer free spells unless I’ve stated it in a spell and I don’t offer free coaching on spells ,Sorry, this is a business, not just a spare time hobby. I’ve lost possible paying business thanks to this, and I’d appreciate everyone being ready to purchase the services they are getting consultations for when they get their consultations in the future.



I hope everyone is having a great weekend, Last night was a great cast some of you has already reported to me about your results your getting from it, this warms my heart šŸ™‚
I will be casting on Sunday due to some new clients,And I’ve had to add another altar space for the spell work, so if anyone needs work done and is ready to pay and are indeed serious about getting help I’ve got a few places for Sunday,Monday,Wednesday, Friday are the days I’m casting love spells if anyone needs commanding/domination type work that will be casted on Thursday.

Halloween is upon us very soon and for any which/rootworker or anyone who practices MAGICK its an amazing time for us our gifts are heightened and the veil between our world and the world of the dead drops and where able to communicate with the spirits of the ancestors that more easier, I always cast spells on this night as through the years I’ve found that spells manifest quicker well the spells that I’ve casted for clients in the past.

As the days draws closer to the day of the date of Halloween those who wishes for their spells to be casted on this day,you can contact meĀ  and I’ll add you to my list,The casting will be done with myself and three other witches,this is done to add double strength to the rituals,Spells that will be casted on this night will be LOVE spell to get an ex back work of course,Prosperity,success protection work and many more…….



Friday is upon us and excited!!! as I’ll be casting tonight and Friday those who wishes to book a spell for Fridays casting,please book a consultation with me or contact me and I’ll add you to my slot.

When booking a spell with me the process is simple book a consultation with me, after you’ve done this contact me and I’ll scheduleĀ  a time for your consultation to discuss how best I can help you.



A reminder- I’m not anyone’s therapist, I would like everyone to respect the fact that this is a business and that I do not offer free spells unless it is included in the spell that you have ordered with me as you will do a small ritual to help your spell to be more successful for your situation, I do not make promises and guarantees in spell work as there are none, but when you follow the rules of what I have discussed with you your desired outcome will be what you want,people who do not follow my instructions it will only result in partial results, Also please only contact me if your very serious about purchasing my services as I’m a very busy person.

Please read all the information on my site about time frames of spell work,The basic rule and time frames of spell work are..3 days ,3 weeks ,3 months sometimes longer because every situation is different as it’s not easy to bend the will of a human being, If you can’t do it by talking to someone don’t expect me to do in a matter of a day it doesn’t work like that it takes time.

Also if I have given you my number for a consultation or a reading this for my UK costumers please do not add me on whastsapp as all correspondences are to be sent through my business emailĀ and only through that medium or you can also add me on facebook, This goes for everyone, I also notice that people has been contacting me for free spells,I do not cast free spells to bring ex’s backĀ  as it takes a lot of time and supplies to cast these spells,So these request will be ignored,Also after you have booked a reading please don’t ask me reading type questions meaning questions that you should have ask in a reading had with me,I understand that sometimes in a reading you have so much questions in mind but you didn’t get the chance to ask what I can recommend that youĀ  do is to write down the questions before hand, That way you won’t forget,or you can book another reading.

For those who can’t afford my services as I do understand but don’t send me back and forth emails when you know you can’t afford my services or don’t intendĀ  to use my services.

Those of you who sent me in updates and testimonials this week I want to say thank you and I’m happy that you have gotten results from my spells and products,and for those of you who have ordered your 30 dayĀ  spells today,your charms will be posted on monday it should be with youĀ  at the end of the week and for those who lives outside of the united kingdom it might take longer,but just an update to let you know what’s happening with your charms.
Love spells will be casted tonight for those who boughtĀ  spells today.

Also as the Halloween/samhain is upon soon I’ve already got three clients booked in for the Halloween spell cast if you’d like to be added let me know as its a very powerful night for a witch,I’m so excited!!!! for this time.




As the Halloween is drawing closer and I’m super excited!!! iv got a places for the Halloween casting,thanks for others that have are already on the list,this is very exciting for me as I will be casting as I will be casting these spells with three other witches,If you’d like to be added to the list for your work to be casted on this night let me know if your wanting work done.

If anyone needs work done on for this week please book a consultation and we’ll take it from there,I’ve got three places left for this week on my altar and I’m happy to fit in anyone who needs help let me know.

And thank you to all my lovely clients that has gotten results from last months casting and the use of my products,I love it when you send me conformations šŸ™‚ products will is coming soon!!!

I need to address this,some of you have been sending me messages during the process of the spell work or even after the process asking me questions such as…Erica how’s the process going? or Erica such and such has happened and it seems like things has gotten worst or you’ve contacted the target and he or she is being more nastier than ever! or asking me when is the spell going to manifest when I’ve clearly written about the time frame many times and have gone through it in your consultation IĀ  need to address this and make it very clear so that it is understood clearly of the process of REAL MAGICK and how it really works that most will not inform you of.

1) Spells are casted during a 7 day period or a 14 day and 30 days sometimes longer depending on the situation,you must beware that the process has not yet startedĀ  and the spell defiantly hasn’t had the time to build up to effect any changes during the process of theĀ  spell work going on,so informing me that your ex is being nastier that is not the cause of the spell that’s just your ex being nasty and some of you has some very complicated situations and relationships and the spell needs to work it through your situation and takes time,the will not work through everything as the most request I get is that you just want your ex back and that is the purpose of the spell is to do exactly that however the spell will not work fix everything in your relationship you will not the spell,what the spells job is to do create an opening for you both to work things out for you to reunite,if your ex hates your guts then it will take time to get the results you desire if indeed your ex is like this or is very stubborn.


2) Expecting to see the same results and the at the same time frame as those in my video testimonials, I must address this as you must take into account that these clients had different situations and used different spells and combination of spells, another thing that I must explain is this if we are working for your ex to come back, take for instance your ex texts you to meetĀ  up and you meet him up and you end up having sex know this the spell has done it’s job your ex may not say the words in which you want to hear sometimes they do but you should not give in so easily if he contacts you do be so quick to sleep with him this is a time o talk and work things through,what I’m saying here is if you hook up with your ex in that way the spell has done it’s job,and a lot of you end up being hurt because the guy or girl has used used you mostly the guy has done it to the girl what I’m saying really here is even though the spell has been casted on the guy or girl you must not give in so easily as it defeats the purpose of what were trying to accomplish which is for them to come back and stay with you and for you to work on the relationship not just use you even though the spell is in motion here but you must understand that this is a human being with free will and use your common sense, so this bit that I’m writing here it’s for the ladies do not give in so easily don’t give up yourself because he says he wants to meet up and he misses you etc, My best advise is to flirt meet up in a public place look at it as like your renewing your relationship type thing and you’ll get the best results from this whole experience of what where trying to accomplish!


3) Stalking I see some of you are not following my rules when it comes to this, STOP STALKING YOUR EX it’s a good idea it will only upsets you, constantly stalking your ex facebook page please stop this people for your own sanity.

I will end this in saying that I know how hard it can be when you want something so bad that it hurts you stay up all night when you wake you wake in the morningĀ  your thinking why isn’t it working fast as I want it to,But this was in my young witch/rootworker phase,but what that really was,it was more obsession on my part and not to mention the fact that i have no patience naturally,I’ve hadĀ  to work on that and as I grew to be a strong witch/rootworker and is growing stronger and stronger you to must work on this part of yourself as it is an essential part in spell work because casting spells you must be focused in your mind and your intentions and your ability too let things go is one of the most important step of spell casting as this is what it takes for the manifestation of the spell to bring about the changes, people who over think spells and do not possessĀ  the ability to let things go when need be will not attain the results in the basic time frame that it takes for spells to manifest,if this is not natural to you,then I suggest that you practice this day by day and working with me I can adviseĀ  you how to do so.




Just to inform those who has brought kits from me,I’m posting out kits this week.

I’m available for readings and consultation this week,I had to take a break on readings because I’ve just been so busy doing a lot of cleansing work for clients who needed some serious stuff taken off them,some of you know who I’m talking to,I must stress on the important of consultations,you might have had spells casted on you and not know that it.

For spiritual work please don’t hesitate to contact me,As I’m available for castings this week and all the way up until Christmas period.



Casting spells tomorrow,I’ve three places left for this weeks casting,If you’d like to be added on my altar please don’t hesitate to book your place.

Please note that when you book a consultation for spell work please be ready to pay for your spell as I’ve got a busy schedule when the day comes and would not like to take up a a lot of time on consultations that doesn’t result in work being done,If you’d like insight into your situation you can book a reading for this purpose but for my actual help in your situation and for those who are serious about my services please don’t hesitate to use that service for my help.

For kits this week I will be posting this out on Friday again if its outside of the UK the standard waiting time for your package will its between 7-14 days.

I want to say a big thank you to all my lovely clients that has believe in me and trust me to help them with their situation šŸ™‚



Happy Christmas Lovely clients I truly wish you guys a happy day and although your ex is not with you at this time be sure that next year is another year that you can get the help you need that in 2014 your ex will be with you so please be hopeful and enjoy this time with your family.

I will be back performing readings and consultations on Friday the 27th and will be casting spells on Friday strait into new years day as new years eve I will be casting spells up until new years day to bring in what it is my clients desires theses are great manifesting days to conjure up things to come to you it sets you up for the new year.




Hi all,

Hope the new year is treating you all well šŸ™‚

I’m available for readings and consultations this week and up until the 13th of this month,I can’t wait for the valentines day casting.
I’d like to remind new potential clients that when thinking of booking a spell with me please do take the time to read the info on my website before contacting me,I’ve had a few of you contacting me asking me information on what I’ve already gone over such as pricing of my spells and time frames of spell casting,When it comes to spell I’ve outlined the basic price range of what you can expect to pay for my services,If you have other issues with the spectrum of your situation or even out of the spectrum of your situation then you will pay extra for other spells to have the most effectiveness of turning your situation around,What do I mean by this? Well say if your ex has a new person in their lives your chances of just casting a reconciliation spell would be a waste of my time and your time not to mention your money that you work so hard for,Now for this type of situation you will indeed need a break up spell what this does it by removing the “rival” the obstacle that stands in your way your chances of your ex lover coming back to you is indeed possible,also if there are others interfering lie influencing the situation or your ex lover there are spells that must be casted also,for these types of situation I’ll normally create a one off custom spell.

If you have a situation and would like my help don’t hesitate to contact me by booking a reading or a consultation,so we can discuss your situation in more details,I realize that a lot of people do not understand about magick and how the spell casting process goes this is why its best to contact me I’m happy to explain how the whole process work during your consultation.

I would also like to take the time to inform potential clients that,This is business that I’m running providing a service and for me to best help those that really needs this type of service basically who truly needs help are the only types of clients that need to contact me as I’m very busy when the day comes ,I hope that you understand that every minute is precious to me that I get when the day comes,as I’m performing readings all day not to mention I’m a full time mum,I’d really appreciate upon contacting me that your serious about my services and changing your situation around.

If you’d like to discuss your situation kindly book a consultation and we’ll take it from there.



Just to let you guys know that I’m available for consultations the whole day tomorrow up until 7:30pm,you can add me on skype as soon as you’ve booked a consultation I’ll send you a time right away but as I’m available the whole day on Friday you can have your consultation or reading right away just inform me by sending me an email and I’ll get back to you.

To all those who’s had consultations with me this week your spells will be casted on Friday.



To book a consultation you can book one when you have paid you will be contacted and will be given a date and time of your consultation.

When you have booked your consultation,I will then send you a date and time when your consultation will be carried out,his is the same for readings also,Please note; Do not demand the time and date of your reading or consultation,as others are more likely to have a priority on that particular day that you have booked your reading or consultation on as I get a lot of individuals who demands time and date and this is not acceptable as your not taking into consideration about my time and the fact that I’m running a business and that I’ve got scheduled clients in day by day,please bare this in mind the next time you demand day and and time that you must have your consultation the same day as your purchase.



I’ll be away from the 30th of April to the 9th of may,I’m I’ve got spaces available for 7 day spell casting for this week so anyone who wants work done should contact me right away,by booking a consultation.

kits will be sent out this week.



Just to inform those who have purchased kits from me or oils,Your it has been posted out yesterday,and should be arriving shortly please NOTE!

that if your in the USA please be patient it can take between 7-14 business days for your package to arrive.

As for those who contact me for spell work and is still persistent to waste my time,may I remind you thatĀ Ā  the misuse of my of my contact information,I DO NOT OFFER FREE SERVICES.Anyone attempting to contact me usingĀ  my email address or other forms of contact,asking me for free spells or if I sense that your a time waster you will be ignored.




there is a lot of sick people in this world smh, from now on it is mandatory that a consultation is booked before contacting me, do not contact me without booking a consultation, Now I need to address this, I am not here to force anyone hands to pay me,if you have been going around on the internet purchasing spells and nothing has come of it,that’s not my concern or you, I realize that most of the people who purchase spells has NO idea of how spells work,and your quick to call a worker a fraud or a scammer,now some of you have some very serious problems and you expect it to be solve and go away as it never happened,Like hello! your problem did not happened over night an it sure isn’t going to go away over night,so therefore you have to give your spell time to manifest,also in some situation other work my be needed to be done as on or two casting may not be enough for your situation,also sometimes the way spells work may not be the way you wanted it to work but guess what the spell did work but like I said not in the way you wanted,take for instance a reconciliation work,what that does is open up the way for communication so that it’s possible for the return of your lover,by the both of you speaking,and in speaking you then have a chance of reconciliation,but what some of you do is go against my rules.

What I want to address is when you book your consultation please have your questions ready for in terms of you don’t understand how spells work and how the in the magical realms work,do not hesitate to ask,I’m more than happy to elaborate.

I’m available for readings from monday,Just want to inform those who’s kits I’ve posted out today you should be receiving them shortly.

I just want to say when I we agree on a payment plan and I’ve started your work,and you have not cleared your balance,please be mindful that you are owing spirits and you don’t want to do that they don’t take to kindly when it comes to their payments.




kits have been posted out today,I’m totally booked up for consultations today,I’m available on Saturday for consultations contact me for consultations

I’m also casting tonight just want to inform those who have purchase work from me this past week.




Just a quick update,thank you to those who ordered spells over the full moon,and has already reported results to me šŸ™‚ I’m available for consultation form next week,Kits have been posted out on saturday.





Thank you to those of you who sent me confirmation on the success of your spells to bring back your ex šŸ™‚

All spells to bring an ex back that has been purchased today, will be casted on Friday, For consultation bookings.. please contact me directly,




It’s a new year and it feels great! I wish all the best to my clients and future clients. I would like to address some misconceptions and all send out a warning for anyone who is seeking out my help.

When you send personal concerns such clothing please note! that these items will not be returned and after the job is finished these items are disposed of or if further work needs to be carried out then I usually keep it, if not it’s disposed of. Questions I get asked frequently, when do I see results? time frames varies as no two situation are the same but normally with love spells to bring an back an ex back, this roughly around 3 weeks after the ritual has been performed depending on which spells was purchased. Such as a 7 day or a 30 day casting, that’s in a good situation that hasn’t got any obstacles such as rivals, in-laws, or spells an so on…..

Recently I had to tell of one of my clients for stalking an ex’s facebook page please don’t do this, in love spells to bring back an ex lover following my simple rules isĀ  what helps the success of your love spells. Obsessing and stalking that type of energy only kills the energy off your love spell. Or any spells for that matter! Also asking for guarantees here’s what there is none! when it comes to spellĀ  work there is NO GUARANTEEĀ  in spell work real workers will never tell you this. You have been scammed hmmm… please don’t contact me if your one of those people, often time when I hear this it’s usually the ones that has no idea how real magick works, I can’t speak for other workers but understand this! if you bought a cheap spell from an automated site that offers results ofĀ  spells in 24 hours or 3 days andĀ  you’ve not spoken to anyone and you DID NOT had a consultation performed on your situation so that way the worker would have insight into your situation which this an important process that way you be fully informed if it’s worth your time and money and your worker’s time and energy. Important note! would you consider yourself to be a positive thinking individual? See most people who contacts a spiritual worker and expects them to wave a magick wand and walla it’s manifested right before your eyes that is not how the universe works and in the realms of spirit not in that way. The universe/spirits has to rearrange energies in the law of least resistance, when you think positive and attune yourself and become a magnet to attract the energies in which you want to manifest into your life! along side the energies that your worker has conjured and has directed to aid you in your situation that you want to exact changes. With that the chances of success will astounding to say the least. Also asking a worker to perform “FREE” spells nothing is “FREE” in this world when we cast our spell we use energy from ourselves and of spirit offerings must be given otherwise you will end up owing the spirits and you don’t want that I wouldn’t want that for you. Even in our mundane day to day life nothing ever free and even so when you pray to god for help or just guidance, most will go on their knees and offer total submission of ones self and that in itself is offering something up in exchange for something in return. But you willĀ  then turn around and contact a spiritual worker to help you FREE, also theĀ  suppliesĀ  neededĀ  to perform ritualsĀ  for high successĀ  ratesĀ  in spell work are not CHEAP.

I just wanted to clarify something so it’s understood how the process works, I’m available for readings and consultation all this week for any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.






Just wanted to let clients know that i’ve posted out your kits, and thank you to those who booked readings and consultations.

Tonight is casting night for reconciliation spells also, i’m available for readings this week.




I just want to clear up something about love spells more so reconciliation spells, the longer your ex has been apart the harder it becomes for them to return using love spells to return your ex. If your ex been gone a month or so then the likelyness of them returning is likely for this type of time frame a 7 day reconciliation will be useful in this situation, though bare in mind if your ex is now seeing another… Then a break up spell is reccomended and this goes for ex lover’s that’s been gone more than three months to six months this becomes more difficult in the return of your ex lover, in this case stronger workings needs to apply to such situations and this is why I recomend the 30 day love spell casting as more than one casting is usually needed to affect a more permanent outcome in the situation.

Also working on yourself is recommended getting your mind and emotions in a stable place so this way you send out positive thoughts and energy to your ex that your in a happy place and that your ready for their return, this is so powerful as it helps the spell to manifest quicker to your desired outcome. Stalking your ex and calling and texting him/her this will not get your ex back any quicker your only going look desperate , my advise is to anyone who does this is to STOP doing this! When you come to me for help to return your ex back and you STALK your ex this is a big NO! What this does is kills the energy of your love spells.


4, 10, 2015


Please follow all the instructions laid out on my site prior to contacting me, you must book a consultation to have your’e case assessed…. After this is done I will decide if i’m going to take you’re case or not. Also if you are an indecisive sort of person and not a positive individual it’s probably best that you do not contact me.

The prices for my services are laid out clearly as for certain situation the prices varies, as for consultations you are expected to make purchases for my services you getting consultations for.

If you can’t pay after you’re consultation inform me, if you may need to wait a few days to make a payment. I am not here to convince you to purchase my services or if I’m genuine just to get you’re money that is not what my services is about. I just do not like my time wasted as I take my work seriously so I would appreciate it when contacting new clients take this into mindful consideration.




Thanks to all who booked tarot readingsĀ  over the weekend much appreciated, I’m available for readings and consultations this week.



Happy happy new year from us at, I just want to inform new clients that your work will be casted on friday night to bring in the new year and for various love spells and amoung other spells.

I will be posting out products and kits out on saturday, you will be sent an email with your tracking numbers on your packages. For those who wanting spells done for the new years ritual don’t hesitate to contact me at I will be offering 30 day love spells for Ā£630 all throughout the month of january…. If your situation is somewhat difficult this would be the best spell for your situation.

I’m also offering readings and consultations over the weekend, I welcome clients to book readings or consultation it is advisable to book a consultation with me before you book a service from me, the reason for this is that it will show me the best options and how to prescribe a service that is best for your situation.

As every situation differs what would for someone else may not work for you so for the most successful results with spell work it’s best to order a spiritual consultation.

I’ve got three spaces left on my reconciliation love spells altar, for those who are wanting work done simply contact me.




Thanks to all who booked spells for the new moon casting, i’m available for readings and consultations this week.

I have 5 spaces left for spell casting for reconciliation spellwork and 5 spaces for money rituals, thanks to all those who booked for love work for this week, please forgive me for any late replies this week as i’m backed up by an influx of messages this week I will reply to all messages that i’ve missed.

Please when contacting me be upfront about your situation, before I start any work it is important that a consultation is carried out as this gives me an outline of how best to remedy your situation so that you receive the best outcome.

And can I just say I appreciate the clients who are following my guidance and the rules i’ve set out your amazing šŸ™‚




Today money spells and commanding spells will be casted, honey jars for money and prosperity will be worked on and sent out when enough energy is infused into it.

Also for love work such as Reconciliation and new love spells will be performed tonight and all throughout the day on friday, thanks to those who booked thier place on my altar for love work.

For those who’s jars that i’ve worked on your jars will be shipped out today, please wait at least 7 working days for it to come, I’m available for readings and consultation today I’m working up until 9:30pm UK time as i’ve been asked for later time slots.



Just want to informĀ  clients that i’ve sent out kits today, also have started working on your spells last nigt. I have to address something, if you do not have the money for my services please do not take your last money to pay me because I will not take it.

I have three slots this week for love work for those who are wanting love spells to return a lover, also I have two slots for combination work, i’m available for readings and consultations all throughout this week.

Love and light.



I shall be posting out packages on monday, I’m available for readings all throughout this week.

When booking a consultation with me please have a pen and note pad at the time of your consultation, this helps you to keep a record on what we have spoken to about during the consultation. Within the consultation everything that you need to be aware of is outlined. Such as…. when your work will be stated which is usally within 24-48 hours ofĀ  payment.

You will be given a time frame of how long your work will take to cast and after this period that is when you will be contacted by myself, please REFRAIN from contacting me during the process of your work asking me how did it go? while your work is still going on, this truly goes against my rules and what we have discussed during our consultation.

I’m aware that most people are new to this or simply do not understand how the this whole spirit world spell casting works of which I try my best to speak on this during the consultation for spellwork, I simply ask that for the best results of your work it indeed within your best interest to follow the rules it’s there for a reason.





All those who booked work from me on Friday your work has started yay! I have 4 spaces left on my altar for work. I’m available for readings and consultations all throughout the week and on the weekend.

If you’d like work done please don’t hesitate to contact me and you can also book a consultation to speak to me and for me to look into your case and direct you to the best possible remedy for your situation, on another note before contacting me for work please be serious about what it is you want also carefully read my fees and terms of conditions.

Prices depends on your situation but the price of my work is pretty clear on the love spells page.





The payment methods that I accept are listed on this site, I don’t use paypal for consultations and payments you will be sent an invoice via the link that is sent to you which will be paid via your credit card or bank.