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 Reconciliation spell to return an ex lover back.

reconciation love spells

Reconciliation spells that works on mending the bridges between you and an ex lover.

with these spells it will create a magnetic pull to you your ex lover will not resist you with my COME TO ME AND BE TAMED spell with this spell your lover will come to you humble and in love and ready to make the make the relationship work. This spell is work for a period of 7 days, this reconciliation is effective for situations when you’ve been apart from 2-4 weeks it’s effective in returning a stubborn lover.

1 month hoodoo reconciliation love spell service

This spell is designed for cases were the intended target has been apart for a period of time usually from 3- 12 months, or for very stubborn cases. This spell is worked for 30 consecutive days this repetition creates added heat  and adds tremendous amounts of energy and effective power to the situation, the intention behind the length of the spell is to focus on sending out a frequency to your intended lover to be overcome with thoughts of being next to you, hearing your voice feeling the need to contact you.

Reconciliation spell



Marriage commitment love binding spell.

marriage spells

This spell will provide the magic that is needed when it’s time for that special question to be asked. When you know it’s right but your lover needs a little prompting, then this is the perfect spell for you. If you and your soul mate are meant to be, then make it permanent today with my very special Marriage Spell.


Stop lover from cheating stay faithful to our love.


couples in love

This spell will stop your lover from cheating and running around and doing things they shouldn’t be doing, with this spell your lover will have eyes for you and you only they will have a great feeling of wanting to be at home and not wanting to have intercourse with other  individuals other than the partner.



Reconcilation Hoodoo/Voodoo Honey Jar Spell.

Hoodoo/ voodoo Love spell attraction kit


With this spell its one of those that is used to sweeten up  a lover a situation or anyone for that matter that you need them to be on their sweet side and be nice to you, it can also be used for legal issues such as……court cases, also for money and though it is commonly used in love spells to return a lover or to sweeten up an existing  relationship, also if you had an argument it smooths it out and make the person be sweet to you, also it can be used to attract the sweeter things in life.

This jar is worked for 2 weeks on the clients behalf and will be shipped out to the client after the 2 weeks period.

Honey jar service


Lover Hoodoo/Voodoo addicted to me obsession love spell.

love spell for passion in a relationship


Make em crave you! this spell is those who are in existing relationships!

Addicted to me, is a fast working love spell casted for you in hoodoo style tradition.

Get em hooked on you now!

This real and powerful love spell works as a quick and forceful bliss rush when they hear your name or think of you!

They will feel nothing but bliss &

happiness ! …..and just like anything that causes a high they will want you more and more!

This is two week service.



Break them up and return my lover to me.

breank up and return an ex lover back

This spell will break up an ex and the (rival) and return them back it is advisable that you are sure that this is justified,as this is a very powerful spell that has been handed down to me and some tricks I’ve learn along the way so make sure it’s what you want,why is a break up spell necessary in working on bring back a target?

Because when bringing back and ex it makes it a lot easier when (rivals) are not in the picture when there are outside influences it affects the success of the spell greatly this is why it is always wise to cover all grounds of the workings as this will give the best outcome to your situation in the return of your lover.


Hoodoo/Voodoo removes obstacles in love.

Road opener spell to remove obstacles in love.


This spell removes obstacles that is preventing your ex  from returning to you,use in conjunction with reconciliation spells and other drawing spells to add power or on it’s own,this spell has the power to remove the obstacles that may be blocking your path to your success with reconciliation this spell acts as a cleanser,soothes and prevents arguments,also in most cases there maybe interference from family and friends which can be a factor in the delay of your ex seeing things your way,with this spell it eliminate this quickly and effectively by  changing the hearts and minds.




Hoodoo/Voodoo Custom spiritual work.

custom spell work


  • Love spells
  • Money spells
  • Court case spells
  • Protection spells
  • Hotfoot spells to get someone to leave you alone
  • Job spells

The price depends on the combination of spells that’s needed to be casted, if you have specific spells that you have in mind  we can this discuss this during a consultation, I do not perform revenge spells.


Return to me love spell to return an ex lover back.


reconciation love spells

All of my Authentic Love Spells and Genuine Money Spells now come with a photo of your actual love or money spell being casted by me! Hoodoo With a bit of a Wicca and Strega spin on the love spell is used in this powerful Return a lost love spell. It is casted by Erica. Its success rate is very high. please read the whole listing before purchase. Thank you.

This love spell does have a very recent video testimonial at our youtube channel.

Return to me, Hoodoo Love Spells

Need your ex back home and in your arms? Get them back where they belong…! Returns that lost ex lover you just cant get over !This is a powerful spell, search your heart, make sure you really want them back , then let your guts tell you weither to use this spell or not:) It does have a high success rate that’s why I suggest searching your heart first. Sometimes being away from someone can make us glamorise the past relationship in our own minds. If you decide returning to a past lover isn’t right for you, I do sell a Love drawing spell that will connect you with just the right person for you! So don’t return to the past out of loneliness or fear, search your heart first, then if your heart and guts say I want this person back you’ll know this is the right love spell to use!

For less then the price of

dinner and a movie, you can change your life with spell work! It ain’t been around since we’ve been around for nothing!Please send you and targets full names and birth dates when known to me after purchase.


Cosmic Attraction magnetic success abundance spell.

love spell for passion in a relationship


This spell is designed to attract love money,opportunities and positive energies into your life,with these energies that acts a magnetic force towards you.

what will this spell offer you?

  • Love
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Wealth
  • A new home
  • A car

Or anything you desire to attract to you.






Hoodoo/ Voodoo 30 day ultimate love spell.

love spell for passion in a relationship


This spell is designed for situations that includes, A break up spell,commanding spell,protection,cleansing and the return of your ex lover,Its a combination of spells that is casted each week.

Step 1 (Week one)

In our consultation we would have discussed the course of action and what areas of  your situation we will work on.I start by casting a series of cleansing spells this done to clear blockages,curse removal and past hurts that may affect the results of the spells also a protection work is done so that the spells that has been casted and cleansing that has been done stays protected from outside influences.

Step 2. (Week two)

Week two a series of reconciliation  spells is cast-ted focusing on reuniting the return of your ex lover and to soften his heart to the thought of being with you at this stage your ex will start having sweet thoughts of you! I  call this the sweetening stage some clients receive results during this time though this differs from different situation.

Step 3. (Week three)

Week three and intensive series of commanding,banishing,overcoming and eliminating  outside influences of others. Family,friends,etc. Basically this builds family support in a positive way towards the relationship to flourish in love and harmony. Stubborn individuals are broken down and enhanced feelings of love is now replaced.

Step 4 (Week four)

The last stage and final week of spell casting. Focuses on a series of love spells that will focuses on the target. And will be finalized by the following.

Dolls, sigils , strong prayers,Wax Doll Effigies,  Elemental Tablets, Blood Offerings from the priestess only,Crystal Stones,Powerful Herbs, I will use Virgin Parchment Paper that is used to write the prayer on, Ancient Gods and Goddess are used,to insure the success of a Task, Tarot readings are used for the Tracking of the spell, Various forms of incense are burned.



Voodoo/Hoodoo Fiery passion dark  love spell

love spell for passion in a relationship

This is a (black magick spell) these are love binding spells and in conjunction with other powerful rituals that last a life time,this is the most powerful spell in my collection,13 spells are casted in 15 days the effect of this spell is that your lover will have no rest until he/she is at your side this spell comes with  a powerful shield of protection that other rivals/outside influences will have no effect in a negative way to your relationship that you share with your lover,and will have eyes for you only,and the passion you once shared will also return,A stay with me spell is also included.



Please read carefully!!!

Your payment covers all supplies needed to do the your spells.

No refunds are given on Ritual Work. The Client, having an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices, wishes to engage the services of a Spell caster to perform traditional magick as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues and herewith acknowledges that, due to the nature of spiritual work, although Erica Raven  makes no guarantees,but if the client follows Erica’s instructions your spell may result in a successful outcome.

Clients also need to be aware that you must provide us with your details to cast your spells.Such as your D.O.B your lovers D.O.B full names of all those who are involved,also pictures of your loved one and yourself via email.

I will state you must book an appointment with us first so we can discuss what spells are best suited to your needs and situation.



Before you order a spell you must book a consultation with me first so that I will be able to consult on which would be the best spell for your current situation.

If your lover has been away for less than a month then you would need to order the 7 day spell.

If your lover has been away for more than three months then you would need to order the 10 days triple spell

If your lover has been away for more than six month to a year or even more then you would need to order the 30 days spell.

The longer your lover has been away it becomes more difficult to reconcile with them so its really important you choose the right spell for your situation,but during a consultation i will advise you on the best spell to suit your current situation.




 REFUND POLICY ON SPELL CASTING AND ROOT WORK: I do not give refunds on my spell casting or root work services. I provide proof ( with photos) the spell/s were actually cast. If you are looking for a spell caster/root worker that provides refunds if the spells don’t work, I’m not the spell caster for you.  Again, I don’t give refunds on my spell casting services.

If you have any questions or unsure about any of my services email me before purchase. This is always the best policy!





Legal disclaimer: Although many of us take our spiritual work very seriously, the law requires that all paranormal items such as rootwork, spells, or psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this rootwork, spell or psychic reading. My service should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.