Money rituals

Powerful attraction money drawing spell, 7 day casting includes a money mojo bag and a powerful chant will be supplied with this ritual to those who wears this charm.




  This ritual draws;

  • Prosperity
  • Luck and success
  • Business success
  • Abundance
  • Employment
  • And much more…..




Money Mojo Bag, Charm Bag, Hoodoo/Voodoo

Money lucky mojo bag is created to bring in luck and abundance, carry with you on your person’s and in your purse, pocket or wallet and your cash register or your desk if you work online.

This mojo charm bag also brings you good luck and success in gambling, used with the money drawing oil for optimum success.
Everything is made from a smoke free house, instructions on how to use this bag will be included.

Will usually ship within 2-3 days business days of cleared payment.



Money Drawing Business Success Oil £10.99


I’ve created this oil with blends of essential oils musk, cinnamon, patchouli to name a few, shredded $100 bills pyrite fool’s gold as it’s also known by and a few other ingredients for optimum results.

Use on candles in rituals, dress your purse, wear as a perfume the uses are endless, this oil is quite concentrated so a little goes a long way.