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3 simple ways you can supercharge self love while your ex is away

  1) Remove negative self limiting energies Release unwanted negative energy by writing down feelings of anger, guilt, frustration or worries. Light a black candle to absorb all the negativity and burn the paper with the flame. Then light a white candle to increase your positive energy.   2) Reclaim your inner power Increase your inner power by lighting a red candle anointed with lemon or orange oil and sprinkled with ­­yarrow herb. Yarow’s magical properties include love, healing and combating fear. Pass a citrine stone though the flame as you chant, ‘I am beautiful, I am powerful, I...

Questions I get asked frequently

What details I need for spellwork? I need names and if possible dates of birth for anyone involved. A photo of yourself and anyone else that is involved, and sometimes I  ask for a small snippet of hair, a sample of handwriting or possibly finger nail cuttings also worn clothing, this is because these things can all hold the psychic  connection of the target in question in the spell, but these are not always needed. The main details I need can all be provided by email after payment for a speedy and smooth start to your spell work.   Are spellwork  guaranteed? The Unfortunate but truthful...

Survival tips over the holidays.

How to survive a break up during the holidays   No matter what time of the year breakups are terrible, but in the holidays in particular while most people are celebrating.  You’re struggling to keep your emotions intact. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end of a breakup, here’s how to cope with the loss during the holidays.   Spend time with family and friends   Surround yourself with people who absolutely love you and want the best for you. Even if you’re requesting random yogurt flavors at 1 am they will find a way to make it happen. Or Amazing family and...

50% Discount July sale!!!

Hey Lovelies, I’m running discounts on my services if you have a problem that needs solving this is a great time to take up this offer, it will end on the 27th of July If you have a situation that you need help with don’t hesitate to contact me on     Erica.

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