3 simple ways you can supercharge self love while your ex is away


1) Remove negative self limiting energies

Release unwanted negative energy by writing down feelings of anger, guilt, frustration or worries. Light a black candle to absorb all the negativity and burn the paper with the flame. Then light a white candle to increase your positive energy.


2) Reclaim your inner power

Increase your inner power by lighting a red candle anointed with lemon or orange oil and sprinkled with ­­yarrow herb. Yarow’s magical properties include love, healing and combating fear. Pass a citrine stone though the flame as you chant, ‘I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am strong, I am loved…..’ You can chant as many empowering I AM mantras as you wish. Carry your crystal with you.


3) Crystal magick is great for this by using rose quartz

This pretty pink stone is powerful, harmonious and healing. It resonates with love and balance so it’s perfect to supercharge your aura with bundles of self-love. Wear a tumbled rose quartz at your heart chakra, in the middle or under the left armpit in your bra.

Grid or place the crystal around your bed before you go to sleep at night. Place a cleaned piece in your drinking water to charge the water with the crystal’s healing properties.


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