Hoodoo Rootworker/ Tarot Reader/ Spellcaster

From September 1st until September 15th. I’m offering 50% off all levels of spellwork. I would love to emphasize on protection healing and prosperity. spellwork must be purchased on these three days. Any questions you will email me first ericaspells@yahoo.co.uk


Have you experienced this?

      • Messy break-up?
      • Are you in pain and confused can’t sleep loss of appetite?
      • Feeling urges to spy on them i.e going onto your ex’s fb page?
      • Feeling massively depressed?
      • Is your ex lover ignoring you and your attempts of reconciliation?
      • Financial hardships due to the economy?
      • Have you lost your job and you’ve been trying to find a job and can’t?
      • Are you facing a difficult situation in your life at the moment?
      • Bad luck causing everything to go badly in your life?
      • Immigration and legal issues?


Did you know that most relationships can be salvaged?

This may be difficult to believe, people break up for many reasons such as infidelity one person has lost that attraction they once had for their lover, and something I’ve also notice that my clients have spoken to me about are the social media platform i.e facebook they had a major problem with their lover speaking to other men or women on these social media platforms, also financial issues, other outside influences such as other people and the list goes on…

The good news is that help is at hand all of the reasons I’ve stated are simply LIFE! it happens! Do you know couples that have gotten back together? Do you remember why they broke up in the first place? A lot of the time they have taken their ex lover back after an affair….or even worse with the help of my spells your ex lover will come back and re-light the fire for everlasting love.

Let me tell you: you are definitely not alone. You are in need of some special guidance. Let me help you. Hello, my name is Erica Raven Moon. I’m a tarot spiritual reader with powers outside the material world. My one and only task is to help those who are in need, whether they need love, money, or guidance in their day to day lives.If you need guidance, you don’t need to take it into your own hands; instead, call on the spirits of the world unknown. You don’t need to fight alone.

First, I can tell you one thing: these powerful spirits are REAL and we feel their influence every day. Having them on your side means having powers like that of the kings! You might not believe in them yet, but after a session with me, you’ll start to see things in a whole different light. Let me make you a promise.
My promise: you will be satisfied with the powers of the spirits.

Please don’t take them lightly. They have not only the power to solve all your problems, but to destroy all that you know. This is where I come in.
With the spirits, I can get your ex back. I can find you new love. I can make fortune rain down upon your life. All you have to do is trust in me.




What my hoodoo/rootwork spells services can do for you:

            • Make your ex come running back to you
            • Find you the love you have always wanted
            • Improve your financial position in life
            • Mend a failing marriage
            • Bring your ex back with strong hoodoo love spells
            • Recapture the romance you had when your love was new
            • Bring you the good luck that has made other people happy, healthy and wealthy


          As required by law: Individual results may vary.  Our testimonials are from actual satisfied customers, and are representative of the majority of our customers’ experiences in using our services and products, however each case is individual and different, as such results may vary from customer to customer.





          Spells I’m Specialized In:

                  • CLEANSING RITUALS
                  • HOUSE BLESSINGS/ BUSINESS
                  • PROTECTION RITUALS
                  • PROTECTION FROM ENEMIES
                  • REVERSING SPELLS
                  • JINX REMOVING
                  • UNCROSSING
                  • LEGAL MATTERS
                  • CURSE REMOVALS
                  • CUSTOM RITUALS
                  • DO AS I SAY SPELL
                  • COMMITMENT SPELL
                  • COME TO ME SPELLS
                  • COME SEE ME SPELLS
                  • CALL ME SPELLS
                  • HOODOO LOVE SPELLS
                  • BINDING LOVE SPELLS
                  • HOODOO BOSS FIX SPELL
                  • HOODOO FOLLOW ME BOY SPELL
                  • HOODOO FOLLOW ME GIRL SPELL
                  • RETURN AN EX LOVER SPELL
                  • ROMANCE SPELLS
                  • BREAK UP SPELLS
                  • RECONCILIATION SPELLS
                  • RETURN AN EX HUSBAND BACK
                  • RETURN AN EX GIRLFRIEND BACK
                  • MONEY  DRAWING SPELLS
                  • BINDING LOVE SPELLS
                  • GAMBLING LUCK
                  • MOJO BAGS
                  • HONEY JAR SPELLS
                  • HOODOO HEAD WORK
                  • PROSPERITY SPELLS
                  • JOB SPELL/ EMPLOYMENT SPELL
                  • LAW STAY AWAY
                  • COURT CASE/LEGAL SPELL
                  • IMMIGRATION SPELLS
                  • FAST LUCK SPELL
                  • SUGAR DADDY SPELL
                  • GET MARRIED SPELL



          About My Spiritual Readings and Spiritual Advice.


          Have you lost your mate? Are you in anguish or pain? I have a love lost, return ritual, that is helping many of my clients. The strongest energies are from feelings of love. I am ready to help you using different techniques.Come and retrieve or find new love.  I am well versed, and I specialize in relationships. I am a gifted, ancient Egyptian Tarot card reader, clairvoyant and more. High finance predictions, character analysis in potential mates, love rituals, and any other questions or need you may have, I will do my best in all areas. I am great at navigating difficult situations, and orienting and clarifying the path for others. I have been trained in the ancient rituals of magic and remote viewing and spiritual healing, and can contact the dearly departed. If you have questions on your future or need my advice, you just have to request a private reading. Please feel free to do this anytime, Let’s solve your problems immediately. You deserve to have a clear view about your destiny. Ask me now!






          I will read for you and provide the answers needed to your questions.

              • Tarot card divination by phone/skype
              • Psychic readings done by phone/skype
              • Pendulum reading done by phone/skype
              • Candle flame reading done by phone/skype
              • Runes reading
              • Bone spiritual reading
              • Spiritual readings




          I do not give refunds on my spell casting or root work services. If you are looking for a spell caster/root worker that provides refunds if the spells don’t work, I’m not the spell caster for you.  Again, I don’t give refunds on my spell casting services.
          If you have any questions or unsure about any of my services email me before purchase. This is always the best policy!
          Note: when you have booked your consultation and made a payment, please contact me to schedule your consultation/reading.Note:
          Refunds will not be given for any spiritual work/prayers completed as time, energy and spiritual supplies have already been used. No exceptions. We make no claims.

          Legal disclaimer: Although many of us take our spiritual work very seriously, the law requires that all paranormal items such as rootwork, spells, or psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this rootwork, spell or psychic reading. My service should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.





          PAYMENT INFO


          Payments are accepted through the following payment services

              • Cash app
              • Bank wire transfer
              • Direct debit
              • Credit card
              • Moneygram


          You MUST request a payment confirmation email from me for the correct information to send using, MoneyGram, or Bank Wire Transfer, Cashapp.